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Pipe & Cable Locating

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Pipe & Cable Locating

We can locate metallic water pipes, sewer and stormwater pipes for connection of your new services.

Why do I need to locate my services?

Before you dig or excavate you must make application to Dial Before You Dig, you must consider what lies beneath the surface these services can be one of the biggest expenses if you hit them!

Prevent major accidents, serious personal injuries and expensive bills by locating these services correctly Leak Detection NT. We will make an application with Dial Before You Dig on your behalf, we will provide to you a copy of all Dial Before You Dig notifications and plans.

The cable locators can be used to find the following:

  • Electricity cables.
  • Gas lines.
  • Telephone cables.
  • Water pipes and drains.

Leak Detection NT specialise in safely, accurately and efficiently locating & marking of all below ground services using our electronic state of the art equipment pipe and cable locators.

We can locate and mark the position of your sewer main even if it’s under concrete, we can mark where you need to cut and give you the depth of the pipe, no more guess work and expensive exploratory work.

How does the cable locator work?

Each cable transmits a different signal, and locators pick up those signals. These signals help identify the exact location of an underground utility.

Many utility lines give off a charge or transmit a signal, and in most cases each line has a different charge or signal. However, some lines do not give off a charge or transmit a signal. In these cases, a transmitter can be used to induce a signal onto a metal line, which allows the locator to pick up the signal.


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