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Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas Inspections

How will a Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas Inspection benefit me?

If you are looking to purchase a new home or investment property or a commercial property a Pre-Purchase inspection could be a valuable tool which allows you to know the condition of the existing plumbing services.

A Pre-Purchase Plumbing inspection is about much more than just turning on the taps, we organise the building file for the property and view the building file, we then copy all relevant drainage plans and certifications on file and provide them with the report. We then conduct an inspection of the property’s plumbing for compliance for the time of construction, photograph all non-compliances and issues with the existing plumbing and include them in a report to the prospective purchaser.

Northern Territory Building reports don’t usually contain the installed plumbing condition or compliance this is carried out by a Certifying Licenced NT Plumber.

Plumbing problems we encounter are mostly non-compliant plumbing works on new and existing houses.


    Here in the Northern Territory, Plumbers and Gasfitters are self-certifying and unfortunately because you have been given a Compliance Certificate it does not always mean the works are compliant which certainly occurs more often than it should.

    Our Pre-Purchase Plumbing inspections are carried out by A Qualified NT Licenced Self Certifying Plumber and Gasfitter with over thirty years’ experience in the Plumbing and Gas trade.

    Purchasing a property can be one of the biggest investment most people will make and the plumbing system is a very integral part of the house and repairs to this system can come at great expense so it pays to eliminate as much as possible with a Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas inspection.

    With a Pre-Purchase Plumbing inspection you know that a Licensed Certifying Plumber and Gasfitter has visually inspected the property and has given you a comprehensive report that outlines all plumbing and drainage conditions which are visible and are not covered in a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection.

    If you are considering selling your property, we can provide a Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas inspection that will give you a competitive edge in the market place, providing prospective buyers with peace of mind regarding the condition of your property, if there are non-compliant issues it also gives you the advantage of either doing the repairs or letting prospective buyers know the defects are there which alleviates the scare factor.

    We provide a variety of Pre-Purchase Plumbing inspection as can be seen below:

    The Pre-Purchase report will contain photographs of items that have defects or are non-compliant these will also be noted in writing on the report on the completion of the report we are available to discuss any of the issues brought in the report. (see copy of report)

    During the inspection we operate all fixtures and tapware:

    • Toilets and Cisterns, Basins, Bath, shower and Kitchen Sink and Laundry Trough.
    • Hot Water Heaters – we provide the details and manufacturers date if they are visible.
    • Overflow Relief Gully for Compliance.
    • Water Meter location and whether the meter is ticking over with no fixtures in use.
    • The report will list all major and minor visible defects; we can recommend items that will need further investigation.
    • On request a CCTV drain camera inspection can be conducted and video footage provided on a SD card or by email.

    The Plumbing inspection reports are generally available within the next day dependant on how many issues were discovered, the written inspection and photographs are emailed directly to you or your conveyancer.

    Pre- Purchase Plumbing inspection prices are for one dwelling on a residential block. We also carry out inspections for commercial and industrial properties.

    Pre- Purchase Plumbing Inspections and Reports

    Our Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas inspections are completely independent plumbing and Gas investigations for conveyancers, insurance companies, builders, architects, property managers, body corporate, property owners, buyers and investors we can tailor a report to suit your needs.

    What’s the difference between our Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas inspections from other inspection providers is that we are a reporting company only, we do not provide plumbing quotes or repairs so you get an unbiased and impartial report.

    John has over 30 years as a licensed Plumber and Gasfitter and has extensive plumbing and gas experience and qualifications.

    We use the state of the art CCTV Cameras with tracking devices and Leak Detection NT technology which enables us to target the exact cause of plumbing issues and faults enabling us to mark when found for the repairs by your Plumber.

    Plumbing Status Reports

    We also carry out plumbing status reports required by Building Certifiers and Government departments for existing dwellings that have had works carried out prior to 1993.

    We also carry out inspections on plumbing only to apply for a no further action from Building Advisory Services on your behalf. (see a copy of the report)

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